The Main Issue

Recycling utility meters is essential because of the materials found inside, such as insulated copper wire, aluminum ground wire, brass screws, printed circuit boards, and steel.

The Recycling Process receives scrap utility meters without glass coverings. The company then recycles the electric meters, recovering up to 98% of the original materials. The process includes detaching stainless-steel rings and collars, refining all non-ferrous and ferrous metals, disconnecting circuit boards, and baling cardboard boxes.

Our Services recycles analog utility meters with glass covers, digital utility meters with glass covers, and digital utility meters with plastic covers throughout North America.

Our Clients works with electric companies and electric cooperatives throughout North America to recycle electric meters.

Flexible Transportation will work with your organization to fulfill any of your recycling needs. The company offers delivery, pickup, full truckload, and LTL services.
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