Best Company to Recycle Scrap Electric Utility Meters

Useful Tips to Use When Recycling Scrap Electric Utility Meters

Electric utility meter recycling requires a pledge to character and welfare. Regularly, most clients let old meters pile up in their stockroom and storage yards. A chance to dispose of these scrap piles occurs. When that happens, people research to find the best company to recycle electric utility meters.

In fact, we work with utility supplier organizations, industry professionals, and meter producers to recycle these gadgets. Electricity meters, a device for measuring electricity, records and shares that data to the utility companies for bills.

The old meters keeps on costing organizations time and cash. When old meters are switched out for new ones, companies are left with the burden of legally disposing the remaining scrap. Organizations looking for the best company to recycle scrap electric utility meters should take into consideration.

We take care of this issue as we recycle electric meters.

Tips for Recycling

Meter recycling keeps material out of landfills. We offer a cost-per-pound model for meters. Here are tips for recycling:

  1. Separate digital from analog meters to boost your return.
  2. Remove the glass cover when recycling electric meters (This can change the weight of the meters, affecting the per-pound cost in your favor).
  3. Use a Gaylord box while recycling meters. It can help support your return by decreasing work costs. It also improves viability.

In fact, the company found that this method is more powerful than a move off or trailer dump. It increases what we can pay. It does this by decreasing the transportation cost. Around 40-44 Gaylord boxes can fill a 53′ trailer load.

Moreover, we have a lot of experience recycling meters. This helps by decreasing the rate that materials that go to a landfill. Appropriately, we recover up to 98% of the material.

The Best Company to Recycle Scrap Electric Utility Meters

In fact, the best company to recycle scrap electric utility meters will be a trustworthy recycling plant. We permit your business to free yourselves of scrap by following a protected and productive cycle, as ensues:

  • Free the glass and plastic from the meter.
  • Dissociate stainless steel rings and collars.
  • Filter all nonferrous and ferrous metals.
  • Unlink circuit boards.
  • Package the cargo appropriately.

All material will be recycled by the official ISO 14001 Environmental Management best practices. As well as, the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety best practices. We verify the quantity of materials and get a receipt. Then, we give a certificate.


Under no circumstances will there be any extra charges to recycle utility meters here. Our approach eliminates the meters from the litter stream. In fact, it gives a swift money infusion back into your company. To learn more, click here.

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